FMU Alums hold events for Black Professionals of Florence

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Francis Marion Alums and other black professionals from around the area gathered at various events during the weekend of Homecoming. DJ Stlyz and DJ Skillz of WYNN 106.3 kept the parties going all day at the tailgates and all night at the clubs. #PRESSPLAY




DJ TRON sits down with The Krew

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The Krew is back at it. Docta Lock talks with DJ Tron about his Birthday Tour and the 7:00 Mixtape. Eddy Kool has the scoop on Manny Vs. Mayweather and Duke dominating UNC.  Tanik lets you know the result of Young Thug concert cancellation plus a 50 Shades Edition of the #CoonChronicles. #PRESSPLAY #TheylovinTheKrew

ROAD TO BIKE WEEK 2015: The hottest Club at the Beach, Club Levelz has Closed

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By: Docta Lock

After the recent killing that took place outside of the venue, the City of Myrtle Beach decided to close the hottest club on the beach. Club Levelz was clearly the front runner for Party Head Quarters for Bike Week 2015. All that changed when the club was forced to close it’s doors last Friday.

Cops were called around 2AM and found Saequan Vereen with fatal gunshot wounds.  Kevin Tyrone Bryant, 29, is facing charges for the murder, felon in possession of a handgun and possession of a weapon during a violent crime in connection with the shooting death of Vereen, according to police.

The only problem is that the club had nothing to with the shooting. Bryant hid outside of the club waiting for his victim. And in typical Grand Strand fashion, local residents took to Facebook to link the murder to Bike Week. However, the owners of Club Levelz are no strangers to adversity and will bounce back.



From the dirt roads to the Big Stage, DJ Money Mook shows no signs of stopping.

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By: Docta Lock

           It wasn’t long ago when no one in South Carolina knew DJ Money Mook’s name. Fast Forward to today and he doesn’t have to introduce himself anymore. He is one of Carolina’s most respected DJ’s. The Summerton native first hit the Sumter market in 2011 and in a few short years, he has grown to a nationally recognized DJ with mixtapes available for download on multiple websites.

          Mook inked deals with DJ B-Lord’s Happy Juice team, The United Juice Crew and QC Entertainment, home of recording artists Migos, Rich The Kid, Johnny Cinco and more. He recently turn down DJing events to execute Road manager duties during the Carolina leg of Rich the Kid’s tour. Mook said in 2015 he wants to brand his name in the mixtape game and use it to catapult the  state to the top. 

          “I plan to use my mixtapes as an outlet for indie artists who’s grind is just as strong or stronger than mine,” said Mook. He started off with teen parties but is the go to DJ for major events. Mook said he does not don’t see a difference in teen or adult events and has big plans for his future.. 
       “I try to treat every event the same, I like to approach each event like its my first time and go hard like its my last. The main difference to me is the venue and audience. Music is universal and theres not really much of a change with that.” Mook said. “It’s all kinds of outlets in being a DJ so its so many places I see myself 5 years from now. But I can say in the next 5 years I have hopes of being  on my way to becoming a mogul in the game with national recognition.”Mook said being an executive for organizations and making major decisions can be overwhelming but exhilarating at the same time because of the hustle installed in him.
          “The hustle turns every challenge into a rush. I just keep chasing that rush until my goal is completed and then it’s on to the next one. I feel like theres certain things you have to walk away from or stop doing because it hinders personal growth.”
Mook is currently working on Gas Money III mixtape that has become a staple in the SC mixtape during Bike Week.



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Young Thug didn’t show up to perform Saturday night in Florence. Docta Lock And Tanik sat down with Promoter Rico Wilson to discuss what happened exactly. Only on World Champ Entertainment Internet Radio.

Winter talks Business and future events with Docta Lock and The Krew

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Today Docta Lock sits down with The Visual Artist, Winter Moore, owner and operator  of Addies Baby Studio to talk about awards and upcoming events she’ll be having in the near future. Also Docta Lock leaks some upcoming programming for, introducing the “Pajama Notes”, where ladies in their pajamas discuss female ideas and questions regarding men. And of course, Eddy Kool has your sports…..#pressplay

PRESS PLAY: Video Recap of the 2015 South Carolina Music Awards

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Missed the 2015 South Carolina Underground Music Awards? Just Press Play.

Mizz Keke talks awards and music with The Krew

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Fresh off her 2015 South Carolina Underground Music Awards, Mizz Keke sits down with  The Krew to talk Stiletto Promotions, the Awards, music industry and more. Docta Lock was on hand at the event and recapped it with an article posted to the site on Monday, but for exclusive video, Friday morning he’s releasing the footage of all the performers and presenters to the site. Tanik is talking Grammys Who won some gold? And the Coon Chronicles…just because you sell drugs, does not mean you have to testify on yourself. And Eddy Cool got your Sports recap, is it me or does the Cowboys stay catching weed charges? Press Play and listen to Mizz Keke and the Krew, only on


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By: Docta Lock

Never one to disappoint, Mz. Keke held her annual South Carolina Underground Music Awards at Club Levelz of Myrtle Beach. The networking event showcased some of the best performers from across the Carolinas. Saturn Gang of Greenville had a great performance for first timers in the Myrtle Beach market. They had a catchy song called “Bye Felica” and a performer named FatDaddy had a great stage presence and  performance too. But the best performance overall went to Kev Fresco. Fresco had the of energy and persona of Jimi Hendrix…. Except Jimi wasn’t jumping from stage to speakers. Fresco will be the breakout artist of 2015.


AVA made it clear that her team, Exotic Ent, isn’t playing around this year by bringing home 3 Awards. Her acceptance speech was simple, “Exoctic ENT Runs SC, F%# The Bullsh!t”. She won for Promotional Team, Female Entrepreneur and Host of the Year. DJ Apollo brought home 2 awards for Dreams Come True DJs. Other winners include Geechie One Magazine, DJ B-Lord, Marcus Allen, Dutchess, Faazon Flyers and others. Mz. Keke will have more networking events in the future and she discusses them in our interview airing Wednesday Feb 11 on

But a huge S/O to Club Levelz as a staff, Record Label and as a Crew. Mr. HenryBrewington, sold the Legendary Club G and H in Hemingway and brought the family business to the beach and hasn’t looked back. The club is full of flat screen TVs, nice furniture and a dope atmosphere. And it has the best location on the beach on 9th Ave, with ample parking.  So Party HQ at Bike Week just might be Club Levelz. And S/O to Rolla and Bigg GATT for coming out to support up and coming artists.


Shock the World

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Unless, you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, one of the most notable unsigned artists in the State of South Carolina has been Shock. Friday February 13, Shock is set to release his new project entitled “Year of The Gorilla”. When asked about the Gorilla theme, Shock states  “Gorillas are the number 1 most feared in the Rain Forest, sort of like the Jungles/Streets. They move with a family and protect their space”. The RedyRockk/Dreamteam Ent representative, has been blazing singles and releasing industry remixes that are arguably better than the mainstream artists who created the hits. Shock just recently opened up for Detroit native Dej Loaf and started his own label called RU Boyz. Shock’s true gift has also been his curse. The lyrical rapper often gets over looked due to the vast majority of the south’s hip hop community prefer the flow of Migos and Rich Homie Quan, Vs. Shock’s Punchline, Aggressive and at times Comical style.

            In 2010, Shock linked up with other artists and formed “Flowtown Music Group” or FMG. Their Mixtape “The Expendables” was an instant classic. Only a few know that Shock has a personal relationship with Wooh, brother of Waka Flocka. Shock could have signed to Brick Squad Ent, but ultimately refused because he had other plans. Shock made a move that no one expected, but everyone expected. He hit the road and returned back to battling rappers all across the country.  Shock explained  how battle rapping is different than what people expect. “It’s not easy and it’s time consuming. You have to study like you have a major final exam coming up and keep practicing for a better performance”. This highly anticipated mixtape from Shock may not be the mixtape for southern rap fans, but it will definitely have a national impact on the Hip Hop world. When asked exactly what are his plans he replied “Take this shit to the next level”.