Chi Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi awards 2 students with $1,000 scholarships

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By: Docta Lock
When people talk about community service in Florence, the men of the Chi Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc come to mind first. Sunday June 12, at West Florence High School, Chapter Basileus (President) Mark Frasier awarded Thomas Ford and Kenneth Swaringer both with $1,000 Scholarships. Frasier said it wasn’t easy selecting the recipients.
“It was tough, but these young men truly exemplified the definition of scholarship, and carried themselves as professionals throughout the course of high school. And we’re proud to reward these young men with scholarships to help them on their journey”
For more information on Chi Iota’s scholarship  and other fundraising events call Jaime Thomas at 843-858-2098

Wedlock dominates on the field and in the classroom at 71st

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By: Docta Lock

Photos:Daniel E. Wedlock

College football coaches have visited Fayetteville, NC over the last couple of months and one name that has continued to pop up in conversation is Devante Wedlock. The two-sport athlete is an honor roll student at 71st High School, Student Class Vice President, and remains active in auxiliaries with two churches (Beauty Spot, Lewis Chapel). Even though Wedlock’s resume is what college coaches want on their campus, there’s only one problem, he’s a freshman. Wedlock said his grades are most important.

“I want to play sports on the collegiate level, and I know how much of an impact grades play with recruitment. I make sure I’m excelling in the classroom just as much as on the field,” Wedlock said.

Wedlock is wrapping up his freshman year in style. He started at Fullback, Linebacker and handled the kicking duties for the undefeated JV Falcons. Instead of running track, he insisted on playing baseball. Despite not throwing a baseball in 5 years, Wedlock accepted the challenge and started  this season at  3rd base for the JV Falcons and displayed one of the best Batting Averages in the region.  Wedlock said the key to being active is time management and discipline.

“I do not watch as much TV as I used to and I drink a lot more water. My coaches remind us of the importance of remaining hydrated during the season as well as the off season, so I drink as much water as I can everyday” he said.

Wedlock will be heading into his Sophomore season in August and is currently training to make sure this season will be just as successful as the last.

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Wedlock earns degree from FTCC

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By: DoctaLock                                                                Photos: Daniel Wedlock

It’s 5PM  on a sunny afternoon at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, NC and she’s one of the first students to arrive for the 6:30PM graduation.  She just spent the free time taking selfies, updating her Facebook and greeting her fellow classmates for the final time. However, Valerie Wedlock’s story started a long time ago in Berryville, Va. She was in the first class of black students to integrate white schools.

The harsh reality she faced while attending the recently segregated schools, where faculty was not accustomed to and despised black students only made her stronger and walk with the Lord, that much closer.  Friday May 6, the 20 year veteran teacher of Cumberland County and Ft. Bragg Schools walked across the stage in front of 7,000 people in attendance at the Crown Coliseum. Family from Virginia, church members and friends witnessed and congratulated Wedlock on her achievement. Wedlock currently teaches at Owen Elementary and said that education is very important.


“It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, education will always be important,” she said. “I have had plenty of late nights and early mornings completing my work but life is all about sacrifices and now that I have completed this portion of the journey, I can tell you it was worth it”.

Wedlock’s journey doesn’t end here, she will continue working towards her Bachelors degree in the fall. Wedlock was the keynote speaker Saturday May 21 at New Genesis Fresh Start Mininistries Women’s Conference speaking on “The Character of a Christian Woman”.

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Dan Johns plays a Major role in SC Hip Hop scene

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When it comes to the Hip Hop scene in SC, Dan Johns has played an imperative part for over a decade. He would easily be considered the hardest working man in the industry, only if he was the type of person to take credit for every single thing he does.Johns is responsible for the production of the music of rappers and singers, the photography of High School Seniors, models and TV personalities, and even earned writing credits for The Krew’s topics and laid the vocals for the intro.

Johns is also a member of the rap group The Divine Suns and recently released his solo project “Endangered” on Tidal and also co hosts a Podcast. Johns said he likes to keep busy on different projects

“If I am not busy doing something or working on my craft, I feel uncomfortable,” Johns said.

Outside of all of the projects he is working on, Johns always finds the time to take care of the most important team, his family.

“Family first, always. And I have resigned to the fact that Dan and Daniel are the same person, my wife has too. I invest multimedia money into home projects, or buy her nice things with it,” Johns said.

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THE KREW: Step Nice, Buckets and Beanz discuss New T-Shirt Business and Emotions on Facebook

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Local media focuses on slain man’s background while lifelong friendships end over racial slurs and threats exchanged on social media in Winchester, Va

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By: Docta Lock

On Sunday, February 28, 2016, Winchester Police officers responded to a call about a fight in progress. D’londre Minifield fled as officers arrived. During the foot pursuit, he was fatally shot. Local authorities claim the wound was self inflicting, but residents and witnesses claim otherwise. The body was transported to Mannassas, VA for an official autopsy to be conducted where it was determined the fatal wound did not come from a state issued weapon.

Local media outlets failed to report any information for days and when information was published, residents say it focused on Minifields background forcing a biased opinion in the minds of readers leading to racial slurs being exchanged on Facebook and during peaceful protests.

Instead of allowing a family to mourn, residents posted  “He shouldn’t have ran” and other disgusting, hurtful and racial slurs on Facebook and also compared this situation to an unrelated case where a police officer lost her life in the line of duty.

Melissa Turner took to her page to Facebook page to express her opinion.

“This young man laid in the same spot for hours and at one point his body was even uncovered until spectators started yelling to cover his body. Yes this was a young black man however at this time I am not going to say he was shot by the police or he committed suicide, I am going to say this family deserves answers. His mother is mourning the loss of her 20 year old son that to this day she still has not been able to view the body of her son and this family found out about his death on social media.”

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By: @DoctaLock


There’s never a dull moment on Lawson Street with 3 daughters according to Adrienne White. She wasn’t surprised when her children encouraged her to start a dance group in Florence. History was made on Nov 4 at Pizza Hut when parents met to discuss the plan. The original 22 girls has grown to 35 as of today with no plans of stopping.  White said she has received a lot of help from Trey Skipper to form the dance group SWS (Sisters With Steps)

“Although this had been a rollercoaster ride for the dance group, they remain positive. Having a large dancing group can be stressful and some days are better than others.” I know my God sits high and looks down low on SWS” she said. “We have learned to take positive with the negative.”

Their first show was held at City Grill in December. The show sold out  SWS is currently preparing for their second show at City Grill, Tuesday March 29.

“The first show was a success with the help of Tommy Mitchell, Owner of City Grill and a SWS sponsor,” White said. “2016 has been a joy, lesson, heartache and happy times for SWS and we wouldn’t change it for the world and we are here to stay!”




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SECTION 61 SPORTS Ohio St./No. Illinois and S. Carolina/UGA Preview..PK Subbans Big Donation..College Football Top 10 Rankings and Eddy Kool Makes A Suggestion to Ezekiel Elliot on Where To Take Taylor Swift For Their 1st Date And More..#Pressplay

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OSU RB Ezekiel Elliot and The Buckeyes take on the Northern Illinois Huskies..but first his speculated dated with Taylor Swift

OSU RB Ezekiel Elliot and The Buckeyes take on the Northern Illinois Huskies..but first his speculated dated with Taylor Swift

The Section 61 Preview Show Broncos/Chiefs Week 2 Preview and More #Pressplay

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